Structure of adenylation domain THR1 involved in the biosynthesis of 4-chlorothreonine in Streptomyces SP.OH-5093, apo structure

Replaces:  5APL


Chain IDDescriptionTypeChain lengthFormula weightNumber of moleculesDB Name (Accession)Biological sourceDescriptive keywords
A, BAdenylation domainpolymer52957724.92
UniProt (H6SG27)
Pfam (PF00501)
Pfam (PF13193)
Streptomyces sp.
ACETATE IONnon-polymer59.03

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Contents of the asymmetric unit

PolymersNumber of chains2
Total molecular weight115449.9
Non-Polymers*Number of molecules3
Total molecular weight177.1
All*Total molecular weight115627.0
*Water molecules are not included.