Obsolete: 5APL

5apl was replaced with 5n9w


Title:Structure of the adenylation domain THR1 involved in the biosynthesis of 4-chlorothreonine in streptomyces sp. Oh-5093, apo structure
Savino, C.,Scaglione, A.,Montemiglio, L.C.,Parisi, G.,Grgurina, I.,Fullone, M.R.,Vallone, B.
Molecular Mechanism of Adenylation Reaction: The Structure of the Adenylation Domain Thr1 Involved in the Biosynthesis of 4-Chlorothreonine in Streptomyces Sp. Oh-5093
To be Published,
Experimental method:X-RAY DIFFRACTION (2.46 Å)
Deposition date:2015-09-16
Release date:2016-10-05
Obsoletion date:2017-07-26