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About PDBj

PDBj (Protein Data Bank Japan)

is a project team operating under the Joint Usage and Research activities of the Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University. We maintain the single global PDB/BMRB/EMDB archives of macromolecular structures and provide integrated tools, in collaboration with RCSB PDB in the USA, PDBe in the EU, BMRB in the USA, and EMDB in the EU.


is supported by JST-NBDC and AMED-BINDS. PDBj's new logo design incorporates cytochrome c (PDBID: 1cyc), which was the first structure determined in Japan.


As recently announced, from 01-09-2021, we have reorganized our data and ftp archives. Our ftp archive ftp.pdbj.org will only serve the core wwPDB PDB/EMDB files, where the PDBj generated data has been transitioned to our new data archive at data.pdbj.org. Furthermore, with the transition, the PDBMLadd XML files will no longer be provided, although the mmJSON formatted data will still remain available. Users that use PDBj generated data from ftp.pdbj.org should update their software with the new URLs.

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