Catalytic domain of E. coli RNase E

Summary for 2C4R

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DescriptorRIBONUCLEASE E, SSRNA MOLECULE: 5'-R(*AP*CP*AP*GP*UP*AP*UP*UP*UP*GP)-3', MAGNESIUM ION, ... (5 entities in total)
Functional Keywordsrna binding, rna turnover, rna processing, hydrolase, endonuclease, nuclease
Biological sourceESCHERICHIA COLI
Cellular locationCytoplasm  P21513
Total number of polymer chains2
Total molecular weight61492.07
Marcaida, M.J.,Callaghan, A.J.,Luisi, B.F. (deposition date: 2005-10-21, release date: 2005-10-25, Last modification date: 2018-04-04)
Primary citation
Callaghan, A.J.,Marcaida, M.J.,Stead, J.A.,McDowall, K.J.,Scott, W.G.,Luisi, B.F.
Structure of E. Coli Rnase E Catalytic Domain and Implications for RNA Processing and Turnover
Nature, 437:1187-, 2005
PubMed: 16237448 (PDB entries with the same primary citation)
DOI: 10.1038/NATURE04084
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Experimental method

Structure validation

RfreeClashscoreRamachandran outliersSidechain outliersRNA backbone0.2679614.1%35.0%0.03MetricValuePercentile RanksWorseBetterPercentile relative to all X-ray structuresPercentile relative to X-ray structures of similar resolution
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