Crystal Structure of the Complex of the Wild-type Von Willebrand Factor A1 domain and Glycoprotein Ib alpha at 2.6 Angstrom Resolution


Chain IDDescriptionTypeChain lengthFormula weightNumber of moleculesDB Name (Accession)Biological sourceDescriptive keywords
AVon Willebrand factor (vWF) [Contains: Von Willebrand antigen II]polymer21424466.41
UniProt (P04275)
Pfam (PF00092)
Homo sapiens (human)@PDBj
BPlatelet glycoprotein Ib alpha chain (Glycoprotein Ibalpha) (GP-Ib alpha) (GPIbA) (GPIb-alpha) (CD42B-alpha) (CD42B) [Contains: Glycocalicin]polymer28832084.51
UniProt (P07359)
Pfam (PF01462)
Pfam (PF13855)
Homo sapiens (human)@PDBj

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Contents of the asymmetric unit

PolymersNumber of chains2
Total molecular weight56550.9
Non-Polymers*Number of molecules0
Total molecular weight0.0
All*Total molecular weight56550.9
*Water molecules are not included.