Crystal Structure of UDP-dependent glucosyltransferases (UGT) from Stevia rebaudiana in complex with UDP and rebaudioside A

Summary for 6O88

DescriptorUDP-glycosyltransferase 76G1, URIDINE-5'-DIPHOSPHATE, (8alpha,9beta,10alpha,13alpha)-13-{[alpha-L-allopyranosyl-(1->2)-[beta-D-mannopyranosyl-(1->3)]-beta-D-allopyranosyl]oxy}kauran-18-oic acid, ... (4 entities in total)
Functional Keywordsplant biochemistry, transferase
Biological sourceStevia rebaudiana (Stevia)
Total number of polymer chains1
Total molecular weight53298.14
Lee, S.G.,Jez, J.M. (deposition date: 2019-03-09, release date: 2019-06-12, Last modification date: 2019-07-10)
Primary citation
Lee, S.G.,Salomon, E.,Yu, O.,Jez, J.M.
Molecular basis for branched steviol glucoside biosynthesis.
Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.USA, 116:13131-13136, 2019
PubMed: 31182573 (PDB entries with the same primary citation)
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1902104116
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Experimental method

Structure validation

RfreeClashscoreRamachandran outliersSidechain outliersRSRZ outliers 0.20470 4.8% 4.3%MetricValuePercentile RanksWorseBetterPercentile relative to all X-ray structuresPercentile relative to X-ray structures of similar resolution