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IPR seminar : PDBj-BINDS joint workshop “Protein and Compound Structural Data for Drug Discovery and Life Science”

Structural data for proteins and compounds are useful for drug design and life science to know mechanisms of molecular interactions. This BINDS workshop is organized by three units (protein function optimization unit, chemical seed and lead compounds exploratory unit, and in silico analysis unit) to know compound-protein interactions. The workshop provides PC-practices for compound-protein 3D data in PDB (Kawabata), comparisons of protein 3D structures (Rozewicki & Standley), and drug target database (Hijikata & Shirai). We also provide presentations for compound library and screening in Osaka university (Nunomura & Fujii), and in silico drug screening (Hirokawa).
Institute for Protein Research(IPR) and Basis for Supporting Innovative Drug Discovery and Life Science Research (BINDS)
January 30, 2020, 10:30 - 18:00
1F Lecture hall in Institute for Protein Research (IPR), Osaka University
Bring your laptop PC with wireless LAN. Both Windows and Macintosh machines are available. We also lent a university laptop PC if you need to use it. We prepare about 15 PCs.
Number of Participants
About 40 persons
Japanese and English
Please fill in application form.
Deadline for registration
January 29, 2020
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Program:Jan 30, 2020

10:30 - 10:35
Opening(Genji Kurisu; IPR, Osaka Univ.)
10:35 – 12:00
“Searching and modeling compound-protein structure using HOMCOS”
Takeshi Kawabata (IPR, Osaka Univ.)
12:00 - 13:00
Lunch break
13:00 – 14:00
“Supports for Drug Discovery by the Drug Innovation Center in Osaka University”
Kazuto Nunomura, Shintaro Fujii (Drug Innovation Center, Grad. Sch. Pharm. Sci, Osaka Univ.)
14:05 – 15:05
"In silico Drug Discovery using Molecular Modeling and Simulation"
Takatsugu Hirokawa (molprof, AIST)
15:25 – 16:25
"Application of structural alignment in immunology"
John Rozewicki, Daron Standley (BIKEN, Osaka Univ.)
16:30 – 17:30
“Drug target discovery by Drug Target Excavator (DTX)”
Atsushi Hijigata, Tsuyosi Shirai (Nagahama-Bio. Univ.)

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