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Today we have launched the renewed EDMap service. The new version of EDMap shows the recently introduced wwPDB Electron Density Coefficient Files for new entries. For legacy entries, the old data is used, but with a revised implementation that improves performance (with the default mapped area increased from 10 Å to 25 Å).

For new entries, both or either of the wwPDB 2fo-fc and fo-fc maps can be chosen, while for the legacy entries only the original map (PDBj generated 2fo-fc) is available. Furthermore, for download, the structure factor file, the mmCIF formatted map files and our generated MTZ and CCP4 files of the full maps are available for the new wwPDB maps, while for the legacy entries only the structure factor and the generated CCP4 files are available, with the refinement file generated by our previous pipeline being discontinued. Like previously, generated local maps in CCP4 format are available for download for both types.

Regarding the data stored on the FTP, as long as not all entries have been updated with the new wwPDB maps, our legacy data will remain available at For the wwPDB data, the maps are available at:
  • /pub/pdb/validation_reports/*/*/*_validation_fo-fc_map_coef.cif.gz
  • /pub/pdb/validation_reports/*/*/*_validation_2fo-fc_map_coef.cif.gz

While the MTZ and CCP4 files are available at:
  • /edmap2/mtz/*_validation_fo-fc_map_coef.mtz
  • /edmap2/ccp4/*_validation_fo-fc_map_coef.ccp4

If you have questions or comments regarding our renewed EDmap service, please feel free to contact us.
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