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We announce the new version of jV, Java based molecular viewer, was released. The latest version is 4.5.4.

There is no functional change compared to the previous version. Only the certification for signing was updated.

In some cases update procedure is required in the web site embedded Java applets. See below for details.

Type of use Update Comments
Binary (jar) version Not necessary This type runs the jar file that downloaded in the local system beforehand. It is not necessary to update because there is no change in functional specification and no confirmation is required on running in local system. However it is no harmful when updated.
Java Web Start (jnlp) version Not necessary This type runs the latest version of software downloaded from Internet each the execution time. Any procedures are not necessary at the user side because the server always provides the latest version.
Java applet in the web site (*1) Updating is necessary when it refers the jV software placed by oneself.

When the Java applet embedded in the web site refers the jV software placed by oneself, it is necessary to update the placed jV. Otherwise launching the jV will fail because the certificate expired.

*1: Currently, some latest web browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome are no longer support Java applets.

Created: 2018-02-08
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