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On July 12 2017, the PDB entries in the FTP will be upgraded to the new v5 dictionary ( (wwPDB News). Since this will be a major upgrade, some services will be affected. The following services will be affected by this upgrade:
Mine 2 RDB Because all entries have been modified, the weekly delta file would be huge and will for that reason NOT be provided on the 12th. The delta files from the previous weeks will also no longer be included on the FTP. Delta files will be included again in the following week onwards (19th). Users will have to delete the current contents of the RDB and then download and load the full dump file, as described on the RDB help page.
Legacy PDBj Mine Legacy PDBj Mine will no longer be updated after the transition of the PDBx/mmCIF dictionary from version 4 (v4) to version 5 (v5) planned on July 12, 2017. After this date, please use the new interface for PDBj Mine that will be compatible with the v5 data. The legacy PDBj Mine will be closed at the end of August, 2017.
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