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We'll finish to provide the PDBMLplus from FTP site

We are providing the PDBMLplus, which is created by adding extra information collected by PDBj into PDBML-noatom (canonical PDB data file with XML format without atom coordinates), in following two manners.
As we need to hold the same data duplicately by providing the former way, we plan to finish providing merged file (PDBMLplus) from FTP site. After that, we continue to provide the PDBMLadd files which include only additional part from FTP site. For PDBMLplus, you can use the latter interface which generates it on demand. Please use this from now on.
You can also access the PDBMLadd files. e.g.:
Although the date to eliminate the PDBMLplus from FTP site isn't decided, we'll announce later when it is decided.
Moreover, the default URL of PDBMLplus was changed in jV version 4.4. So we recommend for all jV users to update jV to this version.
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