CRYSTAL STRUCTURE OF a pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase-like family protein (NPUN_R6570) FROM NOSTOC PUNCTIFORME PCC 73102 AT 1.80 A RESOLUTION

Summary for 2I02

Descriptorgeneral stress protein of COG3871, FLAVIN MONONUCLEOTIDE, 3,6,9,12,15,18-HEXAOXAICOSANE-1,20-DIOL, ... (5 entities in total)
Functional Keywordsgeneral stress protein of cog3871, pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase-like family protein, structural genomics, joint center for structural genomics, jcsg, protein structure initiative, psi-2, oxidoreductase
Biological sourceNostoc punctiforme
Total number of polymer chains2
Total molecular weight35603.54
Joint Center for Structural Genomics (JCSG) (deposition date: 2006-08-09, release date: 2006-08-29, Last modification date: 2017-10-18)
Primary citation
Joint Center for Structural Genomics (JCSG)
Crystal structure of general stress protein of COG3871 (ZP_00108720.1) from Nostoc punctiforme PCC 73102 at 1.80 A resolution
To be published,
Experimental method

Structure validation

RfreeClashscoreRamachandran outliersSidechain outliersRSRZ outliers0.21260.7%05.5%MetricValuePercentile RanksWorseBetterPercentile relative to all X-ray structuresPercentile relative to X-ray structures of similar resolution
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