Solution structure of CAPPD*, an independently folded extracellular domain of human Amyloid-beta Precursor Protein

Summary for 1TKN
NMR InformationBMRB: 6236
DescriptorAmyloid beta A4 protein (1 entity in total)
Functional Keywordsfour alpha-helices, three-helical bundle, app, alzheimer's disease, membrane protein
Biological sourceHomo sapiens (human)
Cellular locationMembrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein: P05067
Total number of polymer chains1
Total formula weight13155.25
Dulubova, I.,Ho, A.,Huryeva, I.,Sudhof, T.C.,Rizo, J. (deposition date: 2004-06-08, release date: 2004-08-03, Last modification date: 2011-07-13)
Primary citationDulubova, I.,Ho, A.,Huryeva, I.,Rizo, J.,Sudhof, T.C.
Three-dimensional structure of an independently folded extracellular domain of human amyloid-beta precursor protein.
Biochemistry, 43:9583-9588, 2004
PubMed: 15274612
DOI: 110.1021/bi049041o
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Experimental method
Structure validation
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