Human metavinculin tail domain

Refinement Statistics

Experimental method:X-RAY DIFFRACTION (2.2 Å)

Cell axes62.44362.44362.443
Cell angles111.87111.87111.87
SpacegroupR 3
Resolution limits34.64 - 2.20
the highest resolution shell value2.257 - 2.200
the highest resolution shell value0.237
the highest resolution shell value0.324
RMSD bond length0.014
RMSD bond angle1.260

Data Collection Statistics

Resolution limits50.00 - 2.20
the highest resolution shell value -
Number of reflections10933

Crystallization Conditions

crystal IDmethodpHpH rangetemperatureunit

Crystallization Reagents

IDcrystal IDsolution IDreagent nameconcentrationdetails
Crystallization Reagents in Literatures*
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