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  • CRNPRED (Structure prediction service based on the sequence)
  • Spanner (Structure prediction service using structure known molecules with similar sequence)
  • SFAS (Multiple service both sequence alignment and structure prediction)


CRNPRED is a web-based service that predicts one-dimensional protein structures including secondary structures, contact numbers, and residue-wise contact orders from amino acid sequence.

URL: /crnpred/


Spanner is a structural homology modeling program—that is, it threads a specific amino-acid sequence onto a specific PDB structure, patching up the gaps as best it can.

URL: /spanner/


SFAS (Sequence to Function Annotation Server) is a web-based tool for predicting the structure of an amino acid sequence. SFAS runs several external programs for sequence alignment and structural modeling and organized their results. SFAS does not do any complicated calculations. There are currently several choices for alignment and one choice for structural modeling. In the future, the number of choices will be increased.

URL: /sfas/

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