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The new PDBj website implements cutting-edge technology. To make full use of the new web interface, we recommend users to use the latest version of the most commonly used browsers and have JavaScript enabled. The latest version of browsers provide users with new features, improved performance and security. To maximize your experience we recommend you to install the latest version of one of the following browsers:

To support WebGL, these versions are recommended.

Older versions of these browsers (especially those more than five years old) and less commonly used browsers should also work for the most part, but might not be able to properly display the interface or provide full functionality compared to modern browsers.

To test whether your browser supports all the features required by the PDBj web interface, please try out our browser tester.

Konw issues

  • Due to a styling bug introduced in Firefox 52.0.x, all the pull down menus on our website do not work correctly. Please upgrade your Firefox browser to the latest version (>=53).
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