Crystal structure of the branched-chain polyamine synthase from Thermococcus kodakarensis (Tk-BpsA) in complex with N4-bis(aminopropyl)spermidine and 5'-methylthioadenosine

Summary for 6J26

DescriptorN(4)-bis(aminopropyl)spermidine synthase, 5'-DEOXY-5'-METHYLTHIOADENOSINE, N~1~,N~1~,N~1~-tris(3-azaniumylpropyl)butane-1,4-diaminium, ... (5 entities in total)
Functional Keywordsn(4)-bis(aminopropyl)spermidine synthase, polyamine biosynthesis, spermidine, branched polyamines, transferase
Biological sourceThermococcus kodakarensis (strain ATCC BAA-918 / JCM 12380 / KOD1)
Total number of polymer chains2
Total molecular weight86071.34
Mizohata, E.,Toyoda, M.,Fujita, J.,Inoue, T. (deposition date: 2018-12-31, release date: 2019-06-26, Last modification date: 2019-10-23)
Primary citation
Hidese, R.,Toyoda, M.,Yoshino, K.I.,Fukuda, W.,Wihardja, G.A.,Kimura, S.,Fujita, J.,Niitsu, M.,Oshima, T.,Imanaka, T.,Mizohata, E.,Fujiwara, S.
The C-terminal flexible region of branched-chain polyamine synthase facilitates substrate specificity and catalysis.
Febs J., 286:3926-3940, 2019
PubMed: 31162806 (PDB entries with the same primary citation)
DOI: 10.1111/febs.14949
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Experimental method

Structure validation

RfreeClashscoreRamachandran outliersSidechain outliersRSRZ outliers 0.23100 1.1% 1.1%MetricValuePercentile RanksWorseBetterPercentile relative to all X-ray structuresPercentile relative to X-ray structures of similar resolution
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