Fifteen minutes iron loaded Rana Catesbeiana H' ferritin variant H54N


Chain IDDescriptionTypeChain lengthFormula weightNumber of moleculesDB Name (Accession)Biological sourceDescriptive keywords
AFerritin, middle subunitpolymer17620599.11
UniProt (P07798)
Pfam (PF00210)
Lithobates catesbeiana (American bullfrog)Ferritin M,Ferritin H',Ferritin X
FE (II) IONnon-polymer55.86
MAGNESIUM IONnon-polymer24.37
CHLORIDE IONnon-polymer35.59

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Contents of the asymmetric unit

PolymersNumber of chains1
Total molecular weight20599.1
Non-Polymers*Number of molecules22
Total molecular weight824.3
All*Total molecular weight21423.4
*Water molecules are not included.