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Assemble the amino acids in the determined order to win the game.


Move the ribosome with the arrow buttons (hold the button to engage the turbo). After comming in contact with the target amino acid it will automatically be incorperated into the peptide.


Alanine (Ala, A)
Cysteine (Cys, C)
Aspartate (Asp, D)
Glutamate (Glu, E)
Phenylalanine (Phe, F)
Glycine (Gly, G)
Histidine (His, H)
Isoleucine (Ile, I)
Lysine (Lys, K)
Leucine (Leu, L)
Methionine (Met, M)
Asparagine (Asn, N)
Proline (Pro, P)
Glutamine (Gln, Q)
Arginine (Arg, R)
Serine (Ser, S)
Threonine (Thr, T)
Valine (Val, V)
Tryptophan (Trp, W)
Tyrosine (Tyr, Y)
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