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On October 4th, 2017, the wwPDB introduced a versioning system to enable depositor-initiated or wwPDB-initiated updates to previously released PDB entries while retaining the same PDB accession code. A new FTP repository, now hosts versioned structural model files in PDBx/mmCIF and PDBML formats.

The wwPDB maintains the following policies regarding versioning:
  • Updates to atomic coordinates, polymer sequence or chemical description in a PDB coordinate file will trigger a major version increment. Other changes will be classified as minor.
  • The wwPDB retains all major versions with the latest minor versions of an entry within the PDB archive, meaning that minor intermediary versions will not be kept.
For more details, please see versioned FTP info at wwPDB site or the previous wwPDB news ( 2017-10-03, 2017-08-01, 2017-05-17 ).
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