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Due to the size of the large structures, they are not compatible with the legacy pdb format. For this reason these entries are only released using the PDBx/mmCIF and PDBML formats. However, since many legacy software still cannot properly load the PDBx/mmCIF or PDBML format, the wwPDB has created a bundle of best-effort pdb files. Here, the data for the large structures is split over multiple pdb files and combined into a single bundle. Also included is a mapping file (****-chain-id-mapping.txt) to map the chain ids as given in each of the bundles to the originally assigned chain id as found in the PDBx/mmCIF and PDBML files.

A new directory for the bundled best-effort PDB format files for large structures has also been placed on the wwPDB members' FTP:
(URLs of the TAR files containing the PDB format files, related files and chain ID mappings) (wwPDB/RCSB PDB) (PDBe) (PDBj)

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