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The mine PDB Explorer interface is split up into the following three components:
  • Title panel
  • Tab content
  • Right side menu

Title panel

The title panel holds the entry title and description. Furthermore, it also lists the available tabs (See the tabs selection below).

Tab content

Below the title panel the tab specific content is displayed.

Right side menu

In the right side menu additional information and resources for a given entry can be found:
  • Downloads panel (displays the most important downloads)
  • Structures panel (view AU and BU structures using jV, Molmil and J(s)mol)
  • Database information (lists related entries in other databases)


Summary tab

The summary tab lists core information about a given entry.

Structural details tab

The structural details tab lists information about the included chains & chemical components and a sequence viewer to explore key components of the protein.

Experimental details tab

The experimental details tab ists information pertaining to the experimental elucidation process for the entry.

Functional details tab

The functional details tab lists interesting sites and regions of the protein.

Sequence neighbor tab

The sequence neighbour tab lists the Sequence Navigator (homology within the PDB) results for a given entry.

Downloads tab

The downloads tab lists available files for downloading and viewing for a given entry.
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