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General settings

Number of search results per page

Adjust the number of search results shown on the various search results pages on the PDBj website.

Verbose mode

An option for advanced users which When disabled hides unnecessary components of the User Interface and performs some other UI optimizations.

Preferred viewer

Selects the preferred viewer. Some services (e.g. the PDB search services) have an option to view the structure in one click. With this setting the preferred viewer for this feature can be specified. Available viewers are jV, Molmil, Jmol, JSmol.

Visual mode settings

Simple mode

Disables advanced visual features such as animations and shadows. Enable simple mode to increase performance on slow devices. On mobile devices (such as tablets or smartphones) and older browsers [Simple mode] is enabled by default.

Mobile mode

This option is the default option for mobile devices (such as tablets or smartphones) when properly detected. This setting can be used to manually switch between mobile mode and regular mode. Mobile mode puts the left and right side menu's off-screen to maximize screen space for devices with small screens. On the left and right side of the header are two buttons (< and >) which can be used to display the left (main) and right side menu respectiely.

Auto-hide main menu

This option automatically hides the main menu (left side) and increases the available space for the main content and right side menu. Hovering the cursor over the left side of the screen will cause the main menu to pop up. Moving the cursor away from the main menu will cause the menu to hide itself again. This option is not available in [Mobile mode].

Visual preferences settings

The following options are not available in [Simple mode].

Fancy scrollbar

Switches the default browser scrollbar to a fancier looking scrollbar. This option is not available in [Mobile mode].

Color theme

Personalize your PDBj experience by choosing your preferred Color theme. For suggestions please contact us.
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