Solution structure of kappa-theraphotoxin-Aa1a

Summary for 5WLX

DescriptorKappa-theraphotoxin-Aa1a (1 entity in total)
Functional Keywordsspider toxins; inhibitor cystine knot; theraphotoxin, toxin
Biological sourceAvicularia
Total number of polymer chains1
Total molecular weight4163.81
Chin, Y.K.Y.,Ma, L.,King, G.F. (deposition date: 2017-07-28, release date: 2018-08-01, Last modification date: 2019-02-27)
Primary citation
Ma, L.,Chin, Y.K.Y.,Dekan, Z.,Herzig, V.,Chow, C.Y.,Heighway, J.,Lam, S.W.,Guillemin, G.J.,Alewood, P.F.,King, G.F.
Novel venom-derived inhibitors of the human EAG channel, a putative antiepileptic drug target.
Biochem. Pharmacol., 158:60-72, 2018
PubMed: 30149017 (PDB entries with the same primary citation)
DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2018.08.038
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Experimental method

Structure validation

ClashscoreRamachandran outliersSidechain outliers50 9.2%MetricValuePercentile RanksWorseBetterPercentile relative to all structuresPercentile relative to all NMR structures