Crystal structure of the KT2 mutant of cytochrome P450 BM3

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DescriptorBifunctional P-450/NADPH-P450 reductase, PROTOPORPHYRIN IX CONTAINING FE (3 entities in total)
Functional Keywordscytochrome p450 fold, oxidoreductase
Biological sourceBacillus megaterium
Cellular locationCytoplasm (By similarity) P14779
Total number of polymer chains2
Total molecular weight112239.38
Yang, W.,Whitehouse, C.J.C.,Yorke, J.A.,Bell, S.G.,Zhou, W.,Bartlam, M.,Wong, L.L.,Rao, Z. (deposition date: 2010-12-02, release date: 2011-12-07, Last modification date: 2013-12-18)
Primary citation
Whitehouse, C.J.C.,Yang, W.,Yorke, J.A.,Tufton, H.G.,Ogilvie, L.C.,Bell, S.G.,Zhou, W.,Bartlam, M.,Rao, Z.,Wong, L.L.
Structure, electronic properties and catalytic behaviour of an activity-enhancing CYP102A1 (P450(BM3)) variant
Dalton Trans, 40:10383-10396, 2011
PubMed: 21603690 (PDB entries with the same primary citation)
DOI: 10.1039/c1dt10098j
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Experimental method

Structure validation

RfreeClashscoreRamachandran outliersSidechain outliersRSRZ outliers0.22550.2%2.2%2.2%MetricValuePercentile RanksWorseBetterPercentile relative to all X-ray structuresPercentile relative to X-ray structures of similar resolution