Atomic model of the immature 50S subunit from Bacillus subtilis (state I-a)


Chain IDDescriptionTypeChain lengthFormula weightNumber of moleculesDB Name (Accession)Biological sourceDescriptive keywords
050S ribosomal protein L32polymer596745.11
UniProt (O34687)
Bacillus subtilis
250S ribosomal protein L34polymer445271.31
UniProt (P05647)
Bacillus subtilis
550S ribosomal protein L1polymer23225026.91
UniProt (Q06797)
Bacillus subtilisBL1
650S ribosomal protein L11polymer14114951.41
UniProt (Q06796)
Bacillus subtilisBL11
Aribosome RNA 23Spolymer2927949324.11
GenBank (AL009126)
Bacillus subtilis
Bribosome RNA 5Spolymer11938423.91
GenBank (AL009126)
Bacillus subtilis
C50S ribosomal protein L2polymer27730335.11
UniProt (P42919)
Bacillus subtilisBL2
D50S ribosomal protein L3polymer20922723.31
UniProt (P42920)
Bacillus subtilisBL3
E50S ribosomal protein L4polymer20722425.01
UniProt (P42921)
Bacillus subtilis
F50S ribosomal protein L5polymer17920177.61
UniProt (P12877)
Bacillus subtilisBL6
G50S ribosomal protein L6polymer17919543.41
UniProt (P46898)
Bacillus subtilisBL10
J50S ribosomal protein L13polymer14516407.11
UniProt (P70974)
Bacillus subtilis
K50S ribosomal protein L14polymer12213175.31
UniProt (P12875)
Bacillus subtilis
L50S ribosomal protein L15polymer14615410.71
UniProt (P19946)
Bacillus subtilis
N50S ribosomal protein L17polymer12013774.81
UniProt (P20277)
Bacillus subtilisBL15, BL21
O50S ribosomal protein L18polymer12012993.81
UniProt (P46899)
Bacillus subtilisBL16
P50S ribosomal protein L19polymer11513416.91
UniProt (O31742)
Bacillus subtilis
Q50S ribosomal protein L20polymer11913669.21
UniProt (P55873)
Bacillus subtilis
R50S ribosomal protein L21polymer10211296.11
UniProt (P26908)
Bacillus subtilisBL20
S50S ribosomal protein L22polymer11312481.61
UniProt (P42060)
Bacillus subtilis
T50S ribosomal protein L23polymer9510978.81
UniProt (P42924)
Bacillus subtilis
U50S ribosomal protein L24polymer10311166.11
UniProt (P0CI78)
Bacillus subtilis12 kDa DNA-binding protein, BL23, HPB12
X50S ribosomal protein L29polymer667728.01
UniProt (P12873)
Bacillus subtilis
Y50S ribosomal protein L30polymer596650.81
UniProt (P19947)
Bacillus subtilisBL27

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Contents of the asymmetric unit

PolymersNumber of chains24
Total molecular weight1314096.3
All*Total molecular weight1314096.3
*Water molecules are not included.