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는 미국의 구조 생물 정보학 연구 공동체(RCSB), BMRB및 유럽 생물 정보학 연구소(PDBe)와 협력하여 고분자 입체구조와 구조 해석 툴을 제공하고 있습니다. PDBj는 독립 행정법의 과학기술 진흥기구【바이오사이엔스데타베스센타】(JST-NBDC)과 오사카대학의 후원을 받고 있습니다.

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News on 2014-2-4
Archiving Structures Derived from SAS Data (wwPDB News)
News on 2014-1-27
New wwPDB Deposition System Now Available for X-ray Structures (wwPDB News)
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wwPDB Partners Prepare to Launch New Deposition System (wwPDB News)
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News on 2013-12-5
The 12th AsCA will be held in Hong Kong from 7 to 10 December. Haruki Nakamura, Head of PDBj will give a poster presentation to introduce PDBj's web services and our latest activities.
News on 2013-11-28
The wwPDB is going to start to use a new standard format, PDBx/mmCIF in 2014, replacing the legacy "PDB format" that has been used since nineteen-seventies.
News on 2013-11-28
New wwPDB service allows crystallographers to validate their own structures (wwPDB News)
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