Pairwise fitting of target PDB-1vvj-1 on reference PDB-1vy4-1 by gmfit.

Current [HTML5] Change to[JAVA] Corr.Coeff.bwn PDB-1vvj-1 and PDB-1vy4-1 : 0.961
[Download superimposed target atoms (PDB)(PDB-1vvj-1)]
[Download the reference pdb]

Procedures to view this superposition in your local computer by "UCSF Chimera".

  1. Download the Reference molecule "1vy4-1"(PDB-format) or "1vy4-1"(mmCIF-format), and read it.
  2. Download the Target molecule "1vvj-1"(PDB-format), and read it. "1vvj-1"(mmCIF-format), and read it.
  3. Copy following two command lines into a file ''.
    turn -0.004872,0.696950,-0.717103 179.871883 center 0,0,0 model #1
    move 52.426720,114.280770,108.567070 model #1
  4. Open '' to execute it.

    * Don't move the map/molecule by your mouse until the step 4 have been finished !!