Pairwise fitting of target EMD-2155 on reference EMD-2156 by gmfit.

Current [HTML5] Change to[JAVA] Corr.Coeff.bwn EMD-2155 and EMD-2156 : 0.819
Cryo-EM structure of axonemal dynein-c prepared in the absence of nucleotide [Ngauss:20]
[Download superimposed target map (CCP4) (EMD-2155)]
Cryo-EM structure of axonemal dynein-c in the ADP.Vi state [Ngauss:20]
[Download the reference map]

Procedures to view this superposition in your local computer by "UCSF Chimera".

  1. Download the Reference map "", and read it.
  2. Download the Target map "", and read it.
  3. Copy following two command lines into a file ''.
    turn 0.792931,-0.588413,-0.158209 3.515730 center 0,0,0 model #1
    move 6.936655,14.816234,-26.851611 model #1
  4. Open '' to execute it.

    * Don't move the map/molecule by your mouse until the step 4 have been finished !!