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TitleStructural changes of envelope proteins during alphavirus fusion.
Journal, issue, pagesNature, Vol. 468, Issue 7324, Page 705-708, Year 2010
Publish dateDec 2, 2010
AuthorsLong Li / Joyce Jose / Ye Xiang / Richard J Kuhn / Michael G Rossmann
External linksPubMed:21124457 / Publisher's page
KeywordsVIRAL PROTEIN / Beta barrels / Ig-like folds / Animals / Cell Line / Cryoelectron Microscopy / Crystallography, X-Ray / Drosophila melanogaster / Endosomes / Hydrogen-Ion Concentration / Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Interactions / Membrane Fusion / Membrane Glycoproteins / Models, Molecular / Protein Multimerization / Protein Structure, Quaternary / Protein Structure, Tertiary / Receptors, Virus / Sindbis Virus / Viral Envelope Proteins / Viral Fusion Proteins / Virion / Virus Internalization / glycoprotein E1, Sindbis virus / glycoprotein E2, Sindbis virus / VIRUS / icosahedral protein shell / icosahedral virus
MethodsX-ray diffraction / EM (single particle)
Resolution3.29 - 9 A
Structure data

Crystal structure of the Sindbis virus E2-E1 heterodimer at low pH

Pseudo-atomic structure of the E2-E1 protein shell in Sindbis virus





  • sindbis virus

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