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TitleThe coxsackievirus-adenovirus receptor reveals complex homophilic and heterophilic interactions on neural cells.
Journal, issue, pagesJ. Neurosci., Vol. 30, Page 2897-2910, Year 2010
Publish dateSep 23, 2009 (structure data deposition date)
AuthorsPatzke, C. / Max, K.E. / Behlke, J. / Schreiber, J. / Schmidt, H. / Dorner, A.A. / Kroger, S. / Henning, M. / Otto, A. / Heinemann, U. / Rathjen, F.G.
External linksJ. Neurosci. / PubMed:20181587
MethodsX-ray diffraction
Resolution2.19 Å
Structure data

Crystal structure of the extracellular domains of coxsackie & adenovirus receptor from mouse (mCAR)
Method: X-RAY DIFFRACTION / Resolution: 2.19 Å


ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL / Isopropyl alcohol

WATER / Water

  • mus musculus (house mouse)
KeywordsCELL ADHESION / cell adhesion molecule / immunoglobuline superfamily / adenovirus / coxsackievirus / Alternative splicing / Cell junction / Cell membrane / Disulfide bond / Glycoprotein / Immunoglobulin domain / Lipoprotein / Membrane / Palmitate / Phosphoprotein / Receptor / Secreted / Tight junction / Transmembrane

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