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The Biologically Interesting Molecule Reference Dictionary (BIRD) for Peptide-like Antibiotic and Inhibitor Molecules

bird imageThe wwPDB's Biologically Interesting molecule Reference Dictionary (BIRD) describes antibiotics, peptide inhibitors, and other complex biological ligands.

To help define and represent these biologically interesting molecules, BIRD contains chemical descriptions, sequence and linkage information, and functional and classification information as taken from the core structures and from e\ xternal resources.

All PDB entries containing these molecules have been annotated using this dictionary, with corresponding BIRD ID code contained only in the PDBx-formatted file. The use of BIRD will greatly improve the consistency of peptide-like an\ tibiotic and inhibitor molecules in the PDB.

BIRD is available on the PDBj/wwPDB FTP server adjacent to the Chemical Component Dictionary at: (PDBj FTP site) (wwPDB FTP site)
It is updated as new entries are added to the PDB archive. An overview of BIRD, along with definition details, is available from wwPDB web page.
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