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PDB Archive Version 3.15 Released

A newly standardized and enhanced version of the entire PDB archive at and has been released.

Files originally released before December 2, 2008 will follow PDB Format Version 3.15; files originally released after that date will follow Version 3.20. For detailed file format documentation, please see

A time-stamped snapshot of the PDB archive before this release is available from and in the directory 20090316.

Users who maintain local copies of the wwPDB FTP will have to download the entire archive. Scripts to help in this process are available at PDBj PDB Archive/Snapshot Archive or For users who make local copies of the wwPDB FTP from PDBj FTP site, please see also News on 2009-01-23.

These data reflect the wwPDB's continuing commitment to providing accurate and detailed data to users worldwide. This release includes improvements and enhancements to the data, including details about the chemistry of the polymer and the ligands bound to it, biological assemblies, and binding sites of ligands and metal ions. An overview (PDF) is provided at the wwPDB website.

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Created: 2009-03-18
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