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jV version 1 (PDBjViewer)

Visualization of structure and surface of molecules is performed by a Java applet program called 'PDBjViewer'.

In order to use PDBjViewer, Java Plug-in and Java 3D API must be installed on your computer. The version requirements are as follows.

  • JRE (includes Java Plug-in) 1.4.1 or later (recommend 1.4.2)
  • Java 3D API (OpenGL) 1.2.1 or later (recommend 1.2.1_04)

Important notes

  1. You can select two kinds of implementation of Java 3D, OpenGL version and DirectX version. But, PDBjViewer only work with OpenGL version at present.
  2. PDBjViewer does not work with JRE from 1.4.1_03 to 1.4.1_06.

jV version 2

jV version 2 is an advanced version of PDBjViewer, which can be used only as a stand-alone program. It enables to display more than one molecule images at the same time and their display models and transforms can be operated separately. An animation of molecules can be also performed. jV version 2 runs with .NET framework 1.1 on the Windows platform. Therefore the .NET framework must be installed on your computer.


You can download the older versions from the same download pages with the current version.