Similarity Search for Ligand Binding Sites at Atomic Resolution

Given a query protein structure, GIRAF searches for ligand binding sites in the PDB that are structurally similar to substructures of the query. As a query, you can specify a PDB ID or upload your own PDB-formatted file. For more information, please refer to the help page.

This service terminated on 30th April 2019 (JST). Thank you for using this service so long.


  1. Similarity search for local protein structures at atomic resolution by exploiting a database management system.
    Kinjo, A. R.; Nakamura, H. BIOPHYSICS 3 :75-84 (2007) [for the description of the method]
  2. Comprehensive structural classification of ligand binding motifs in proteins.
    Kinjo, A. R.; Nakamura, H. Structure 17 :234-246 (2009) [for the identification of structural motifs]
  3. Geometric similarities of protein-protein interfaces at atomic resolution are only observed within homologous families: An exhaustive structural classification study.
    Kinjo, A. R.; Nakamura, H. J. Mol. Biol 399 :526-540 (2010) [application to protein-protein interfaces]
  4. GIRAF: a method for fast search and flexible alignment of ligand binding interfaces in proteins at atomic resolution.
    Kinjo, A. R.; Nakamura, H. BIOPHYSICS 8 :79-94 (2012) [for the description of the improved method]

Created: 2010-04-30 (last edited: more than 1 year ago)2019-04-30
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