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Haemophilus influenzae (bacteria)13070
Haemophilus influenzae biotype aegyptius (bacteria)010
Haemophilus influenzae Rd KW20 (bacteria)0760
Haemophilus influenzae RdAW (bacteria)010
Haemophilus influenzae 86-028NP (bacteria)020
Haemophilus influenzae PittII (bacteria)010
Haemophilus phage HP1c1 (bacteriophage)000
Murine respirovirus0100
Human respirovirus 30130
Human respirovirus 1010
HPIV-1 (human/Washington/1957) (virus)000
Human parainfluenza 3 virus (strain NIH 47885)000
Mammalian rubulavirus 51150
Human parainfluenza virus 4b020
Human parainfluenza virus 4b (strain 68-333)000
Influenza A virus235980
Influenza A virus (A/mallard/Sweden/51/2002(H10N2))040
Influenza A virus (A/mink/Sweden/E12665/84(H10N4))000
Influenza A virus (A/mallard/ALB/196/1996(H10N7))020


About Yorodumi Species


Jul 12, 2017. Major update of PDB

Major update of PDB

  • wwPDB released updated PDB data conforming to the new PDBx/mmCIF dictionary. This is a major update changing the version number from 4 to 5, and with Remediation, in which all the entries are updated. See below links for details.
  • In this update, many items about electron microscopy experimental information are reorganized (e.g. em_software). Now, EM Navigator and Yorodumi are based on the updated data.

External links: wwPDB Remediation / Enriched Model Files Conforming to OneDep Data Standards Now Available in the PDB FTP Archive

Jun 16, 2017. Omokage search with filter

Omokage search with filter

  • Result of Omokage search can be filtered by keywords and the database types

Related info.: Omokage search

Sep 15, 2016. EM Navigator & Yorodumi renewed

EM Navigator & Yorodumi renewed

  • New versions of EM Navigator and Yorodumi started

Related info.: Changes in new EM Navigator and Yorodumi

Aug 31, 2016. New EM Navigator & Yorodumi

New EM Navigator & Yorodumi

  • In 15th Sep 2016, the development versions of EM Navigator and Yorodumi will replace the official versions.
  • Current version will continue as 'legacy version' for some time.

Related info.: Changes in new EM Navigator and Yorodumi / EM Navigator / Yorodumi

Apr 13, 2016. Omokage search got faster

Omokage search got faster

  • The computation time became ~1/2 compared to the previous version by re-optimization of data accession
  • Enjoy "shape similarity" of biomolecules, more!

Related info.: Omokage search

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Yorodumi Speices

Taxonomy data in EMDB/PDB/SASBDB

  • Taxonomy database of sample sources of data in EMDB/PDB/SASBDB

Related info.: EMDB / PDB / SASBDB / Comparison of 3 databanks

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