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This page is a legacy version and will be discarded in future. The new page is here.

Omokage project

Omokage (Overall morphology comparing system for EM data)

  • Omokage is structure comparison system using vector quantization.
  • It calculates similarities of the overall shapes, rather than detailed structures.
  • It is not accurate comparison.
  • The documentatin is under construction.
  • It is beta (under testing).
  • List of similar structures

  • The lists are sorted by Omokage scores.
  • Diagram page (Omokage map)

  • The diagram is indicating the relationships of the structure similarities.
  • It is generated by multidimensional scaling of Omokage scores.
  • The green boxes indicates EMDB data, and the blue boxes are PDB data. The image and title are appeared when a boxe is clicked.
  • The diagram can be moved by mouse dragging, and zoomed in/out by the "zoom" slider.
  • When you input a EMDB/PDB ID code in the "ID" box, the corresponding data will be focused.
  • When you input words in the "Keywords" box, the data related to the keywords are colored.