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In situ cryo-electron tomography reveals gradient organization of ribosome biogenesis in intact nucleoli.

Structural analysis of receptors and actin polarity in platelet protrusions.

Molecular mechanism of SbmA, a promiscuous transporter exploited by antimicrobial peptides.

Structural basis for the tryptophan sensitivity of TnaC-mediated ribosome stalling.

A barbed end interference mechanism reveals how capping protein promotes nucleation in branched actin networks.

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Aug 12, 2020. Covid-19 info

Covid-19 info

URL: https://pdbj.org/emnavi/covid19.php

New page: Covid-19 featured information page in EM Navigator.

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Mar 5, 2020. Novel coronavirus structure data

Novel coronavirus structure data

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External links:COVID-19 featured content - PDBj / Molecule of the Month (242):Coronavirus Proteases

Jul 5, 2019. Downlodablable text data

Downlodablable text data

Some data of EM Navigator services can be downloaded as text file. Software such as Excel can load the data files.

EMN Searchsearch resultCSV, TSV, or JSON
EMN statisticsdata tableCSV or TSV

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Jan 31, 2019. EMDB accession codes are about to change! (news from PDBe EMDB page)

EMDB accession codes are about to change! (news from PDBe EMDB page)

  • The allocation of 4 digits for EMDB accession codes will soon come to an end. Whilst these codes will remain in use, new EMDB accession codes will include an additional digit and will expand incrementally as the available range of codes is exhausted. The current 4-digit format prefixed with “EMD-” (i.e. EMD-XXXX) will advance to a 5-digit format (i.e. EMD-XXXXX), and so on. It is currently estimated that the 4-digit codes will be depleted around Spring 2019, at which point the 5-digit format will come into force.
  • The EM Navigator/Yorodumi systems omit the EMD- prefix.

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External links:EMDB Accession Codes are Changing Soon! / Contact to PDBj

Feb 20, 2018. PDBj/BINDS workshop in Osaka University

PDBj/BINDS workshop in Osaka University

EM Navigator

3D electron microscopy data browser

  • EM Navigator is a browser for 3D electron microscopy (3D-EM) data of biological molecules and assemblies.
  • It provides EMDB-PDB cross-search, statistical information, and links to similar structures.
  • You can easily check the latest EM structural data and structural papers.

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