Browser support

Using simplified user interface instead.
Performance issues can arise depending on the age of your browser and the service and the data involved.
Very old browsers (e.g. IE6) will also have serious visual issues and might also not work beyond the scope of the services outlined below.
We recommend you to upgrade your browser as soon as possible!
Affected services:
  • All
Storage support:No
Affected services:
  • All customizations (including language preference)
  • Job manager (Structure Navigator, PDBeta)
  • Mine PDB Advanced Search
Cross domain support:No
Affected services:
  • Promode Elastic
  • Structure Navigator
SVG support:No
Affected services:
  • Mine PDB Explorer: Sequence viewer
  • Mine Ligand explorer (2D depiction)
  • Mine 2 RDB docs
Canvas support:No
Affected services:
  • Recently released structures slideshow on the top page
  • PDBj's snake game
  • Molmil molecular viewer
WebGL support:No
Affected services:
  • Molmil molecular viewer
Java support:No
Affected services:
  • jV & Jmol molecular viewers
    Install/update Java or install a WebGL capable browser.
Unfortunately, your browser seems to not be fully compatible with PDBj's web app and/or is outdated.
If you experience any problems with services not mentioned above, please contact us. Alternatively you can upgrade your browser.
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