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A graphical user interface (GUI) to the PDBj database.
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version pre-beta-1.0; 7664 domains; Updated Mon Feb 04 10:37:14+0900 2008


  1. Protein Globe is based on jV (a.k.a. PDBjViewer). Thus, you need to have JRE installed on your system.
  2. Each dot on the globe represents a representative of structural domains found in the Protein Data Bank.
  3. Some super-clusters are represented by cartoon figures.
  4. The shorter the distance between two points is, the more structurally similar are the two domains.
  5. Move the sphere by dragging the mouse, and select a domain by clicking the dot.
  6. Zoom out/in by shift+drag up/down.
  7. Send the selected domain (dot) to other PDBj services by clicking the buttons above the jV window.

Also see a more detailed Tutorial.

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