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    Yorodumi Species
    - Taxonomy data in EMDB/PDB/SASBDB -

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    NameMethanococcus maripaludis
    Other names *1scientific name: Methanococcus maripaludis / synonym: Methanococcus deltae
    Lineage *1cellular organisms > Archaea > Euryarchaeota > Methanococci > Methanococcales > Methanococcaceae > Methanococcus
    Yorodumi annotationarchaea
    References*1: NCBI Taxonomy
    LinksNCBI taxonomy ID: 39152

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    About Yorodumi Species

    Yorodumi Speices

    Taxonomy data in EMDB/PDB/SASBDB

    • Taxonomy database of sample sources of data in EMDB/PDB/SASBDB

    Related info.: EMDB / PDB / SASBDB / Comparison of 3 databanks

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