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    - EMDB-5240: Obsolete EMDB entry -

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    EntryDatabase: EMDB obsolete entry / ID: 5240
    TitleBacteriophage P4 procapsid
    SampleBacteriophage P4 procapsid
    Map dataTwofold view of half map of bacteriophage P4 procapsid
    AuthorsDokland T, Butcher SJ, Chandramouli P, Dearborn AD, Laurinmaki P, Rodenburg CM, Wang S
    DateDeposition: Oct 14, 2010 / Obsoleted: Jan 16, 2013
    DetailHold period expired after header release. Author chose not to continue with entry. Map was never released.
    New ID

    EMDB-5405: Icosahedral reconstruction of bacteriophage P4 procapsid
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