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    - EMDB-1436: Obsolete EMDB entry -

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    EntryDatabase: EMDB obsolete entry / ID: 1436
    TitleStructure of an archaeal RNA polymerase.
    SamplePyrococcus Furiosus DNA directed RNA Polymerase
    Map dataThis is an EM density map of a RNA Polymerase from Pyrococcus Furiosus
    AuthorsKusser AG, Bertero MG, Naji S, Becker T, Thomm M, Beckmann R, Cramer P
    DateDeposition: Sep 27, 2007 / Obsoleted: Jan 23, 2013
    DetailOriginal map was corrupted
    New ID

    EMDB-1711: Pyrococcus furiosus RNA Polymerase
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