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About your deposited entries?

Please use the communication tool for your deposition using new wwPDB deposition tool. For past ADIT depositions, we encourage to reply the e-mail from PDBj annotators. If these means are not available, please use this form with the PDB ID and RCSB ID/Deposition ID in the subject.

In trouble with the deposition server?

Please use the communication tool for your deposition. If communication tool is not available, please use this form with the Deposition ID and your situation in the message.

About any other questions in deposition and annotaions?

Check Tutorial or FAQ in the PDB Deposition Information page first. If your questions have not cleared up, use this form. Please fill the PDB ID and Deposition ID in the message for the specific entries.

Please make sure your email address is valid. After submitting inquiry by clicking "Send Mail" button above, you will receive a receipt via email. If you don't get a receipt, you may mistype your email address or your receipt may be filed in the spam/junk folder.
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